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What Makes a Modern Farmhouse? Look for These Key Design ElementsWhat Makes a Modern Farmhouse? Look for These Key Design Elements

The modern farmhouse is one of the most popular styles of contemporary architecture, but what, exactly, makes a modern farmhouse?

A recent article from outlined key design elements of modern farmhouse architecture, including:

Vertical siding. One common element of a modern farmhouse’s exterior is board and batten siding. This siding style consists of vertical planks (usually 6 or 12 inches wide), which make the home appear taller, and can be composed of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl.
Large windows. Natural light is a key part of the modern farmhouse aesthetic. And, as such, generally feature large windows, often with thin, black mullions without shutters, for a dramatic effect.
Open layout. One of the hallmarks of modern farmhouse design is an open-plan layout, particularly in the living spaces. For example, in a modern farmhouse, you can often expect the living, dining, and kitchen areas to be combined into one large, open space.


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