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Use These Tips to Create the Perfect Florida Nap Nook

One of the best things about homeownership is that you can update the space to really make it your own. And if you’re a person that really enjoys a good nap, one update you’re sure to be interested in is a nap nook.

Nap nooks are small spaces dedicated to rest, relaxation, and naps, so if you’re a sleep enthusiast, they can make for a cozy and functional addition to your home.

But how, exactly, do you carve out a nap nook in your own space?

A recent article from outlined tips for creating a nap nook in your home, including:

Pick the right location. Because nap nooks are used for sleep, it’s important to choose a sleep-friendly spot in the home which is both quiet and has low foot traffic. For example, you might carve out a corner of your home office or bedroom to create a nap nook by adding a bench between two bookcases.
Add in comfort. The whole point of a nap nook is to be able to rest comfortably, so make sure to equip the space with all the comfort essentials. For example, while you don’t need a full-sized bed in a nap nook, since they’re small and cozy by design, you will need a cushion to rest on, as well as comfortable pillows and blankets.
Consider light and sound. In a perfect world, your nap nook would provide the perfect environment for napping. But nothing is perfect, so there’s a good chance that you’re going to be exposed to both light and sound during your nap. Think ahead and keep a basket or container next to your nap nook, and stock it with earplugs and an eye mask or pillow to combat any sounds or lights that may threaten your nap time.

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