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Thinking of Going the DIY Route? Skip These Projects

When it comes to home projects, there are plenty you can tackle on your own, like painting an accent wall.

But there are other projects that should be left to the professionals for multiple reasons, including safety!

So what, exactly, are those projects?

A recent article from outlined home projects you should avoid tackling yourself, including:

Refinishing hardwood floors. Refinishing floors may seem fairly simple, but mastering sanding machines takes a lot of time and practice. If you sand a spot for even a few seconds too long, it can leave marks that are a huge hassle to cover up. Instead, hire a professional with plenty of experience (and the “right touch”) with sanding machines.
Roofing. Replacing a roof is a huge project, and it can also be a dangerous one depending on the height of a home. When the time comes to replace your roof, make sure to hire a professional roofing specialist, and make sure they have the proper insurance coverage for their business.
Tiling. Now, there are some people that can handle tiling projects on their own. But before you take the DIY route, it’s important to understand that tiling requires more than just placing squares on a floor and/or wall; it requires precise measuring, and often involves cutting tiles, which can not only be a pain, but a major expense if you miscut multiple tiles. If you have a complex tiling project, hiring a professional is generally the best way to go.


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