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These DIY Content Creators Will Help You Take Your Sarasota Home from Cookie Cutter to Custom

We’re living in a time when there is an online tutorial and someone to guide you through whatever do-it-yourself project you have in mind. DIY accounts across the blogosphere, YouTube, and social media run the gamut from micro projects (like these pretty spiral taper candles) to major construction work (like this gorgeous workshop). Truly, there is something for everyone, whether your idea of a power tool is a glue gun or miter saw.

In honor of National DIY Day, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite DIY content creators to follow if you’re itching to get your hands a little (or a lot) dirty.

If you’re looking for a quick weekend makeover: Jenni Yolo of @‌ispydiy

For anyone shaking in their work boots at the thought of tackling such daunting projects as bathroom tear downs and kitchen revamps, Jenni Yolo shares a lot of stylish small decor-based DIYs—like this mushroom lamp or this peg rail (no tools required). You’ll also find amazing room transformations from her Magnolia Network Show “Makeover by Monday” and, my favorite, improvements to her own Milwaukee residence.

If you want a mix of paint brush projects and power tools: Fariha Nasir of @‌pennies_for_a_fortune

If you’re a connoisseur of Magnolia Network shows, you may recognize Fariha’s from her show “Problem Spaces.” A Houstonite by way of Pakistan, she started chronicling her journey back when she was afraid to take a paint roller to a wall; now she can build a fireplace feature wall. It’s all documented on Pennies for a Fortune, where you’ll find step-by-step guides on painting block print wallpaper, adding shiplap and all other kinds of trimwork, building a fluted coffee table from scratch, and more.

DIYs to try:

Double Raised Panel Feature Wall
Fluted Coffee Table
Hand-Painted “Wallpaper”

If you like learning from other people’s mistakes: Carli Alves of @‌madebycarli

This content creator keeps it real with her scrappy “figure-it-out-as-she-goes” attitude. She’s not afraid to show her mistakes as she upgrades her family’s Rhode Island Colonial. Her highlights include a focus on small spaces, infusing plain Jane rooms with character, and adding function and form.

DIYs to try:

Built-In Shelves Over Kitchen Doorway
Painted Stair Makeover With New Stair Runner
Nesting Drinks Tables

If you want to try out a trend without spending a ton of money: Cass Smith of @‌cassmakeshome

I first started following Cass when she was in the midst of a fairly intimidating project: building a dresser. The end result was something I would have happily forked over good money for at a retail store, so I knew the rest of her projects were must-sees. Of particular note: Her Frame TV look-alike DIY and this trendy bubble chandelier.

DIYs to try:

Frame TV Look-Alike
Bubble Chandelier
High-End IKEA Curtain Hack

If you prefer pretty upgrades to power tools: Erin Francois of @‌francoisetmoi

For something a bit simpler, but no less impactful, Erin’s projects are less “I built this dresser!” and more “let’s upgrade plain Amazon sconces.” She’s perfect if you prefer small projects you can tackle on a Saturday afternoon rather than something that will clear out your weekends for the foreseeable future. She’s also worth a follow just to see her Minneapolis home, which is beautiful and easy, with just the right amount of her own personal hand in the mix.

DIYs to try:

Spiral Taper Candle
Textured Framed Canvas Art
Candlestick Turned Mini Lamp

If you’re more “entertain me” then “show me how”: Kyle Ortiz of @‌kyledidit

Kyle is one of my favorite follows, bar none. He makes watching his progress of home projects (like installing a filtered water dispenser in his mudroom and building out his wife’s dream home office) massively entertaining. Unlike some of the other accounts here, he doesn’t necessarily aim to teach followers how to do what he does in their own homes, but he does bring you along for his wild ride.


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