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Redecorating Your Living Room? Here Are the Hottest Trends for 2024 in Sarasota

Many people look at the new year as a fresh start and a great opportunity to refresh their space and make their homes feel more stylish and on-trend, and that includes their living rooms.

So how, exactly, can you make your home feel more stylish and on-trend in 2024? A recent article from outlined this year’s hottest living room design trends, including:

Checkers. Until recently, many people viewed checkered patterns as either old-fashioned or a strictly country/farmhouse style. But that’s not the case in 2024! Checkered prints — particularly in black and white — are one of the year’s biggest trends. This type of pattern is also extremely versatile; not only does it work with a variety of design styles, but you can also incorporate it into your living room in a variety of ways. For example, checkered rugs, throw pillows, or even an accent chair can be great ways to bring the trend into your room.

Mixed styles. Many people have an eclectic style that doesn’t fall neatly under a single design umbrella. But that’s ok! 2024 will be all about mixing styles in living room design, like pairing modern furniture with antique or vintage accessories, for example. Worry less about the style category of your pieces, and more about whether those pieces reflect your own unique personal style.

Wallpaper. Wallpaper is a classic design touch, but it will be especially popular again in 2024. Choose a wallpaper that captures the style you want to create in your living room, and then use it to wallpaper the entire room, add an accent wall, or even add visual interest to your living room ceiling.

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