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Need a Bathroom Update? Try the Mix and Match Trend

If you want to know the current design trends, Instagram is a great place to look. And, according to Instagram, one of the biggest trends in bathroom design today is mixing and matching different design elements.

But how can you mix and match contrasting elements in a way that looks chic, and not tacky or visually overwhelming?

A recent article from outlined a few different ways to incorporate the mix and match trend into your bathroom design, including:

Raw stone and blue marble. The contrast of a stone sink and a polished marble vanity is the perfect blend of rugged and chic. Consider combining with a wood vanity to add another element and add even more to the nature-themed vibe of the space.
Wainscoting and floral wallpaper. Floral wallpaper is a statement piece. Pairing it with wainscoting in a matching hue is a great way to mix the two design elements without taking too much focus away from the wallpaper.
Mint and brass. Mint green is a soft shade that can work in a variety of ways in the bathroom. The color also pairs well with brass, adding both balance and contrast, making the elements great to mix and match. For example, a mint green vanity with brass sink fixtures.


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