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Hosting the Holidays in Sarasota? Make Sure to Deck Out Your Guest Room With These Design Additions

The holidays are around the corner and, for many people, this season means hosting lots of holiday guests.

But the question is, if you’re hosting for the holidays, how can you deck out your guest room in a way that feels inviting, welcoming, and functional for your holiday guests?

A recent article from outlined design accents and upgrades to add to your guest room to make guests feel more comfortable (and festive!) this holiday season, including:

A personal drink tray. Leaving a drink tray in your guest room (as well as a few drink options, like teas, and drinking cups) signals to guests that they’re welcome to relax, get cozy, and enjoy their favorite holiday beverage of choice, which can go a long way in making them feel at home.
Flannel sheets. Speaking of cozy, nothing says “it’s time to cozy up” quite like flannel sheets. So, before your guests arrive, swap out your typical guest sheets with flannel alternatives. (Bonus points if the sheets have a holiday-inspired print!)
Holiday-hued bedroom console. You don’t want your guests living out of their suitcases, which is why having storage in your guest bedroom is a must. For storage that feels festive for the holidays but works all year round, consider a console painted in a holiday-friendly hue, like wintergreen.


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