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5 Summer-Approved, ‘Coastal Grandma’ Decor Looks for the Dining Room

Think back to this time last year when the “coastal grandma” trend was influencing both how people dress and how they decorate their homes. In the fashion world, this look falls somewhere between beachy and bougie, with pieces like a chunky-knit sweater layered over flowing white linen pants. (Think: Diane Keaton on the beach in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give.”)

Coastal grandma home decor follows a similar template: furniture and accessories that are comfortable and made of high-quality, natural materials. The color palette is neutral; cream and beige are the dominant hues, and blue is a common accent color.

This sun-soaked trend is still hot, and the following five looks from Instagram capture the sophisticated coastal vibes perfectly. Here are a few ideas for how to bring coastal grandma decor to your dining room.

1. XL bouquet

One dining room staple of coastal grandma decor is an oversize floral arrangement, like the blooms seen in this post from @jogalbraithathome.

“Large bouquets of flowers, twigs, or other natural elements are excellent additions to your space,” says Megan Nelson of @nestwiththenelsons. “These looks are easy to achieve, can help spruce up your space for the current season, and strike some intrigue.”

Get the look: Gather some statement stems from your backyard or the local flower shop, then display them in this porcelain vase.

2. Floral wallpaper

There’s nothing quite like floral wallpaper to make your dining room decor look like it has your grandmother’s seal of approval. Stick with a print that’s reminiscent of an East Coast garden filled with hydrangea or cabbage rose bushes. We’re particularly drawn to the wallpaper seen here in a post from @spacecrafting_photography.

“Chances are, your grandma didn’t have this wallpaper, but instead wore the pattern or had it on plates,” says Devin Shaffer of Decorilla.

Get the look: Revive your grandmother’s favorite floral looks with this hydrangea wallpaper.

3. Fluffy seat cushions

You’re going to love the comfort and rustic appeal of these seat cushions seen in a post from @homeundertheeaves.

“Pillows are a go-to for any granny-inspired decor project,” says Shaffer. “Pillow covers with natural, eco-friendly materials can be purchased for as little as $15 each.”

To get a true coastal grandma vibe, Shaffer recommends searching for natural fabrics such as linen, wool, and cotton in striped or gingham patterns.

Get the look: Settle in for a delicious meal with these gingham seat cushions.

4. Rattan chairs

One of our favorite ways to do coastal grandma decor in the dining room is with classic pieces that have a playful pop of color—like these chairs seen in a post from @thusthefuss.

“When exploring the coastal grandma vibe, it’s important to think in a more abstract way— meaning you don’t have to actually raid a thrift store or Grandma’s attic,” says Shaffer.

Get the look: Bring some playful comfort into your dining room with these rattan dining chairs.

5. Layered tablecloths

When one tablecloth isn’t enough, there’s always this fabulous grandma-approved layering trend we spied in a post from @playingwithstags.

“We love layered tablecloths,” says Nelson. “This is such an easy way to bring a dinner party theme to life by layering different color schemes. This particular layered tablecloth look brings your eye inward, with a hint of plaid underneath. Understated elegance at its finest.”


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