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What’s Motivating Your Move To Sarastota?

Thinking about selling your house? As you make your decision, consider what's pushing you to think about moving. A recent survey from looked into why people want to sell their homes this year. Here are the top two reasons (see graph...

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The Perks of Buying over Renting in Sarasota

Thinking about buying a home? While today’s mortgage rates might seem a bit intimidating, here are two solid reasons why, if you’re ready and able, it could still be a smart move to get your own place.

1. Home Values Typically Go Up Over...

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Now’s a Great Time To Sell Your House in Sarasota

Thinking about selling your house? If you are, you might be weighing factors like today’s mortgage rates and your own changing needs to figure out your next move.

Here’s something else to consider. According to the latest Home Purchase S...

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